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Sewing Machine Manuals

Sewing Machine Manuals should be read whenever there is a question related to the function of the Sewing Machine. Sewing Machine instruction manuals can be found by following the links to our pages dedicated to the following Sewing Machine manufacturers:

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Bernina Sewing Machine Manuals

Brother Sewing Machine Manuals

Elna Sewing Machine Manuals

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Janome Sewing Machine Manuals

Juki Sewing Machine Manuals

Kenmore Sewing Machine Manuals

Michley Sewing Machine Manuals

Necchi Sewing Machine Manuals

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Reliable Sewing Machine Manuals

Singer Sewing Machine Manuals

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What information is available in Sewing Machine Manuals?

Sewing Machine Assembly – Most sewing machines come fully assembled with the excepion of the Spool Pins and power cords.

How to Thread the Sewing Machine – Sewing Machines have a specific manner in which the thread needs to be threaded on the machine. This includes spool direction, bobbin direction and feeding the thread through a series of thread guides and tensioners. Please carefully read your instruction manual to learn the correct way to thread your sewing machine.

How to Wind a Bobbin – Most modern sewing machines have a convenient way to transfer thread from the spool to the bobbin. This generally involves running the sewing machine in a mode where the thread is spun on the bobbin using a bobbin winder.

How to Adjust the Needle Thread Tension – Needle thread tension is critical to ensuring even stitch tenstion as well as even thread length. One easy way to verify the thread tension is correct is to sew on a fabric sample using two different color threads. If the machine is properly tensioned, the top threads should not be pulled to the bottom side of the fabric and the bottom threads should nbot be pulled to the top side of the fabric.

How to Install a Bobbin Case – Bobbin case installation is extremely important. The user guide will show how to thread the bobbin case such that the lower thread is properly "picked up" by the needle when the machine is running.

How to thread the Needle – The needle passes the thread through the material being sewn.



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